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Kitchen Remodel Guide

Preparing for a Kitchen & Bath Remodel Project

The heart and soul of your home, your kitchen and bathrooms are places where you recharge and rejuvenate. When you find that you dread spending time in these rooms, perhaps it’s time to call on the experts at Rochester Flooring Kitchen & Bath Carpet One Floor & Home in Rochester, NY.



Are you longing to change your kitchen but aren’t sure where to begin? Now is the time to take a careful inventory of your space and your main style and function goals. Get started by asking yourself the questions below. This will help to determine kitchen layout, materials, budget, and project timeline.




Start Gathering Inspiration

Our experts recommend creating an idea board to give yourself a chance to see the bigger picture. Cabinets, countertops, layout plans, lighting, and flooring are essential components of a perfect kitchen. Consider the upfront costs versus ongoing value. The National Kitchen & Bath Association recommends budgeting up to 15% of your home’s value towards your kitchen remodel. Ask us about our financing packages if you need help making your dreams a reality!



Key Elements to Consider







Preparing a Budget


It’s important to have an estimate of what you would like to spend on your kitchen remodel. A basic kitchen remodel or refresh can range between $15,000 - $40,000, while a very extensive kitchen remodel can be over $50,000.



Cost vs Value


The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) recommends budgeting 10-15% of the value of your home for a kitchen remodel. For example, is your home is valued at $150,000, set a budget of $15,000 - $22,500. A kitchen remodel can see up to an 78% return on your investment according to 2020 Cost vs Value National Report!



Consider Financing


As kitchen remodels are a substantial investment, many homeowners choose to make payments over time. Researching credit options is a must.

Although uncommon, some remodeling companies do offer financing. Rochester Flooring Kitchen & Bath has a special financing program facilitated by Synchrony Bank



Most successful kitchen renovations begin with an in-home design consultation. This means one of our talented designers will come to your home, conduct a thorough analysis, and discuss your overall project goals. Your lifestyle and activities will dictate many of your needs and help your designer personalize your space. He or she will also take measurements and offer several viable solutions to ongoing challenges.

Consider the following when preparing for your consultation:




Taking Measurements

Measurement and space planning is important. For instance, when designing walk-ways and planning paths around islands they should be about 35” wide, and cooking zones should be about 42” for a one-cook kitchen and 48” wide for two cooks.


Plan For Function and Practicality

Your kitchen designer will assist in translating your ideas and inspiration into a beautiful and functional space utilizing a selection of materials and items that compliment your taste, needs and budget. Our team reviews the plan to make sure any structural changes are safe. Then our design consultants use a virtual kitchen software program to create a 3D rendering and design plan based on your design elements, goals, and selections.


Review Scope of Work

Choosing your selection of products before you start your renovation project makes sure you stay on budget and keeps your project moving along faster.

Receiving a detailed Scope of Work sheet that outlines all the work that is to be completed, the products that will be used and the total cost of the job ensures both homeowner and contractors are on the same page.




Kitchen renovations can be a stressful undertaking, but with a little planning on your part, it need not overwhelm you. Our professional team will work hard to ensure that your project runs as smoothly as possible.

Here are some additional helpful tips:







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