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Hardwood Flooring in Rochester, New York


Hardwood flooring features contemporary looks that never go out of style. It can match the décor of any home adding style and value. At Rochester Flooring Kitchen & Bath in Rochester, New York, our experts can help you pick out the perfect hardwood floor for your home.


We carry only the best hardwood flooring, so you can shop confidently with us. Continue reading below to learn more about hardwood and visit our showroom and speak with a flooring expert about installing hardwood flooring in your home.


Why Should I Choose Hardwood Flooring?

Your home will immediately benefit when you install hardwood in your home. It makes a space feel more open and airier but also warms up your home with natural tones and colors. It is also warmer and quieter underfoot than stone flooring. The color and style selections are almost endless, especially because you can choose an unfinished option and make it look the way you want it to.


What’s the Difference Between Solid and Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

Today there are two types of hardwood flooring available – solid and engineered.


What Is Solid Hardwood Flooring?

Solid hardwood flooring is known as the original hardwood due to its simple composition. Each plank is made from a genuine piece of wood with nothing else except a top finish. Typically, solid hardwood planks come ¾” thick but there are thicker options available.


What Is Engineered Hardwood Flooring? 

Engineered hardwood flooring looks like solid hardwood but has added support and stability. It’s composed of three to seven layers of real wood. The top layer of engineered flooring is a piece of premium finished wood. Engineered hardwood has resilient layers laid cross-directionally and pressed together.


What Are the Benefits of Solid Hardwood Floors?

Because solid wood is a thicker material, you can refinish your floor multiple times. It is critical to refinish your hardwood floors since over time the organic material loses its sheen. Refinishing is as simple as sanding down the floor, fixing any imperfections, and applying the resurfacing finish. While it can be an expensive upfront cost, solid hardwood floors are a great long-term investment since they increase your property value.


What Are the Benefits of Engineered Hardwood Floors?

Engineered hardwood’s construction causes the wood grains to run in opposite directions and counterbalances the wood’s natural tendency to expand or contract from changes in moisture or weather. It fares well above, below, and on-ground areas and can manage changing seasons, but still isn’t suitable in areas with major moisture. Engineered hardwood can’t be refinished multiple times like solid wood, though certain products can be refinished once or twice over their lifetime.


Is Hardwood Flooring Good for Allergy Sufferers?

Yes! In addition to being minimal maintenance, hardwood floors are excellent for spaces occupied by allergy sufferers! Hardwood floors are a hypoallergenic flooring choice since it does not offer mold, animal dander, or pollen a place where it can hide and thrive when it is installed in proper parts of your home such as above level like in bedrooms.


Where Can I Install Hardwood Flooring?

When it comes to where you want to install hardwood flooring, the type of hardwood you choose matters. While you can enjoy hardwood floorings in almost any room in your home, wood is naturally moisture prone, so it is best to avoid rooms that deal with a lot of water and humidity.


Solid hardwood is best suited for quieter, less moisture-prone rooms, including:


It’s not a good option for areas with high moisture like kitchens and bathrooms and is not the best option for below-grade areas.


Engineered hardwood flooring offers more flexibility and moisture protection, so it can be installed in:


What to Know About Hardwood Flooring Installation

We are proud to offer an in-house team of installers as a part of our services to Rochester and surrounding areas. We offer several types of installation methods including glue down and floating floor. Which one is right for you depends on the type of hardwood you choose and the area in which you want to install it.


It’s important to note that the hardwood floors need to be brought into the home 24-48 hours before installation to adjust to the climate.


Where Can I Shop Hardwood Flooring Near Me?

Rochester Flooring Kitchen & Bath store is your local source for all things hardwood flooring in Rochester, NY. As a member of the Carpet One cooperative, we have access to the purchasing power of a large, national company while still being able to offer the quality service you only find at local, family-owned businesses. To learn more about our ever-changing collection of hardwood floor options and incredible services, please visit us soon or start shopping our hardwood flooring selection online now!



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