Karastan Carpets

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Karastan at Rochester Flooring Kitchen & Bath

Karastan began its journey in 1928 when Marshall Field created a loom that could replicate the craftsmanship of a hand-woven rug. His area rugs went on to impress millions during the World’s Trade Fair. He began a legacy that would go on to create high-quality oriental inspired area rugs and later, carpets, at a reasonable price. Today, Karastan is known for their bold styles, craftsmanship, and unbeatable performance. Rochester Flooring Kitchen & Bath is proud to offer several of Karastan’s carpet collections to Rochester, NY and surrounding areas.

Karastan Premium Carpet Collections

Metropolitan Collection

Bring a modern flare to your home with a contemporary styled carpet from the Metropolitan Collection. Styles found in this collection are sophisticated and classic. Designs feature linear patterns, organic shapes, and modern abstract. Don’t be fooled by the beauty of these carpets: they’re also extremely durable.

Wonderous Wool

Karastan’s wool carpets and rugs are perfect for those who enjoy the comfort of carpet but suffer from allergies. Why? — Wool fiber is actually non-allergenic. Wool fibers are too long and coarse for inhalation, so they do not affect asthma suffers. In addition, wool does not promote the growth of bacteria or dust mites, and it does not emit harmful emissions. In fact, wool helps to naturally purify the air by absorbing pollutants!


If small children and pets are keeping you from installing carpet, think again. Karastan’s SmartStrand Forever Clean is revolutionizing the industry. The fibers found in this product are soft, durable, ecofriendly, and stain resistant!

Worry-Free Carpet

SmartStrand Forever Clean is a great carpet option for active families.

Carpet One

SmartStrand Forever Clean

Karastan’s SmartStrand Forever Clean is super soft and durable. This carpet is made with 3X the amount of fiber found in regular nylon carpets. The increase in fibers not only contributes to softness: it also makes this carpet incredibly durable. That’s not all. SmartStrand Forever Clean also features a lifetime core stain protection. The innovative fibers have no dye sites, keeping spills from penetrating into the fiber and creating a stain. This stain shield was engineered into the fiber and will not wear or wash off. Get the worry-free carpet you have always wanted with SmartStrand by Karastan.

Save up to $500 on Karastan

Enjoy up to $500 off any qualifying Karastan flooring with purchase between $1,000 and $5,000 only at Rochester Linoleum.