COREtec Waterproof Flooring

Rochester Flooring Kitchen & Bath in Rochester and Victor is your local retailer for all things COREtec. When you stop by our showroom you can shop the full collection of COREtec luxury vinyl floors. Our friendly staff knows luxury vinyl well, so they can help you find the perfect floor for your home.

COREtec’s core structure makes it stand out from the rest of the competition. The core is made up of recycled wood, bamboo dust, limestone, and virgin PVC. The core creates a waterproof barrier between your floors and subfloor making it a 100% waterproof option. COREtec is also more dimensionally stable because of its multilayer construction, so you can install it at main entrances of your home.

COREtec Plus comes in my different style options including COREtec Plus plank, COREtec Plus tile, COREtec One, and COREtec Plus HD.

coretec plus xl lvp

Benefits of COREtec Flooring

COREtec is made to be a functional part of your home. These floors are made to not expand or contract due to changes in humidity, and are more resistant to scratches, scuffs, and are also totally waterproof. Now you can have wood look and tile look flooring throughout your home without the worry of potential damage.

COREtec features wood, stone, and ceramic tile look options that can match the current décor of your home. They are also up-to-date on the latest trends including rustic, weather worn, and reclaimed looks. Wood look luxury vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl plank flooring are a fast growing market for both homes and businesses alike. No matter your personal style, there is a COREtec floor for you.

COREtec floors are easy to clean, simply sweep up dirt or messes, and you only have to occasionally mop without any special cleaners. You do not have to worry about water or spills leaving stains with waterproof options and for water resistant options you do not have to worry about a scuff ruining your floors.