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Whether you're selecting carpet for your home or office, Rochester Flooring Kitchen & Bath in Victor and Rochester, NY offers a great selection. Our experts will evaluate your situation and help you make a well informed decision. Today’s carpet manufacturers have your lifestyle in mind, which is why they have made the softest, most foot-friendly carpets ever.

Carpet makes a home feel homier. It's a great flooring option for a child's room and living rooms because it naturally insulates and absorbs noise. It also serves as a striking design element! With so many colors and textures to choose from, there’s one perfectly suited for your budget. Find high quality carpet that helps you express your unique style. Visit one of our showrooms in Victor, NY or Rochester, NY for industry-leading carpet brands at affordable prices.

Types of Carpet for Your Home

Advances in fiber, weave and backing technologies have resulted in carpet that brings both durability and refinement to any room. Carpet stands up to foot traffic and resists life’s spills like never before. Today’s stain- and wear-resistant carpets, are stylish and a great investment. We even carry several kid-friendly and pet-friendly carpet options.

We can help you find a carpet for your home that is the right balance of style and performance. There are five main types: level loop, patterned, textured, frieze, and plush.

Level loop

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Where can Carpet be Installed?

Carpet is a great option for virtually any home in the northeast. With its insulating properties and unmatched comfort, installing carpet in your home is a sound investment. Carpet is best suit for rooms that are on and above level, so places like bedrooms, home offices, and living rooms are great choices. There are also waterproof carpet options like Tigress® H2O™ that can be installed in children’s playrooms and even a finished basement.

Our Carpet Selection

We at Rochester Flooring Kitchen & Bath are proud to be your neighborhood experts when it comes to carpet. As part of our selection of carpet brands, we have Carpet One Floor & Home exclusives such as Lees, Tigressa® Cherish, and Innovia Xtreme Clean™.

Lees carpet             Tigressa Cherish carpet

Innovia Xtreme Clean carpet

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Tigressa H2O Water-resistant Carpet

Different Types of Carpet

Not all carpet is made the same, just like not all homes need the same kind of carpet. Learn about the different types of carpet and find out which you would prefer in your home.

Learn About Types of Carpet
Carpet cleaning

How to Maintain Your Carpet

When you take care of your carpet flooring, you are able to maintain the beauty of your flooring and extend its life cycle. You can choose to care for your carpet yourself or hire professional services.

How to Clean Carpet

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