• Oct 14, 2015
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Welcome Home SO2 (Seal) Bo Reichenbach and family!

Building For America's Bravest

Bo Reichenbach, his wife, Lacy, and son, Landon received their smart home on October 13th in Billings, MT. This very special home is not only tailored to meet Bo's needs as a double amputee, but it was also a real labor of love. Bo and his father Don worked on the house together for the past two years. Bo's father's construction business, Reichenbach Construction, was the main contractor on the project.

Watch a live stream of the home dedication on YouTube.

A special thanks goes out to Carpet One Floor & Home of Billings for donating the flooring installation in the smart home.

Bo Reichenbach Smart Home Pictured above: Frank Santaniello, Carpet One Corporate (center), Ron Scoles (left) and Randy Mostad (right) from Carpet One Floor & Home of Billings, MT

Bo and his family raise a flag in front of the house for the first time. Bo and his family raise a flag in front of their house for the first time.


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