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Best Kitchen Flooring Options

One of the most popular residential home remodeling projects are kitchens. You spend a lot of time in your kitchen so you want it to not only reflect your personal style but you also want it to be functional. We can help you design the kitchen of your dreams with our professional design staff. Not only can we help you choose new cabinets and countertops, but we can also help you find the perfect new flooring. Speak with one of our flooring professionals at Rochester Flooring Kitchen & Bath in Victor and Rochester, NY, to get started on your next kitchen project.

Kitchen Floor Tile

Tile flooring is most commonly found in kitchens for many reasons. It is made to be heat and water resistant which is ideal for a kitchen environment. Tile comes in many different looks and colors, you can choose from stone, ceramic, or porcelain. You can even install tile on the walls of your kitchen, opting for a stylish subway tile look. Tile is also hopping on trend with wood look. Now you can have the ultra-durability of tile with the beautiful look of wood flooring as well.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring for Kitchens

Luxury vinyl has become a popular kitchen option over the past few years. It is capable of being waterproof and is much easier to stand on for longer periods of time than tile. Many people opt for luxury vinyl because if its many features as well as its ability to look like other natural flooring such as hardwood and stone. If you want hardwood flooring in your kitchen then consider installing luxury vinyl. You’ll get the same natural look and feel, but it is more durable and less susceptible to water damage than a real hardwood floor.

Tile and Luxury Vinyl


Kitchen Tile Flooring

Learn more about what makes up tile flooring and the tile brands we carry. Tile can go a long way in your home and has multiple uses, meaning you are not only getting a beautiful product but something that is also functional.

Learn About Tile in Kitchens

Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Kitchens

Learn what luxury vinyl is all about and all the benefits it can bring to your home. You’ll also be able to see a list of brands we carry in store so you can make the most of your research.

Learn About Luxury Vinyl

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